We serve you by first getting to know your situation, which allows us to recommend a customized solution tailored to your water needs. Providing this level of customer service helps us maximize the value you receive by delivering the best quality water at a price you can afford.

TruSpout is located in beautiful Wilmore, KY and is staffed by local people with many years of experience in the water industry. As a family owned and operated company, TruSpout has implemented a vision that includes contributing to the communities in which it operates. Continuing to be a good caretaker of our natural resources is a duty we take to heart, and we understand that you appreciate the difference we all make together.

Created with a focus on being the best company for your water needs, TruSpout is achieving this goal through dedication, hard work, and attention to detail. Clean water is essential for good health, and we want to help make that a realistic offering from every office, home, and public space.